4 Powerful Ideas to Prolong Reader Interest in Your Website

Google and other search engines typically tend to determine the importance of a website from an SEO perspective based on its bounce rate. This means that if people are bouncing off your website faster, then they are barely reading your content. But if they are staying on for longer, then they are likely finding value in what you have to offer.

This gives search engines the information they need to rank a website so higher bounce rates typically mean lower SEO rankings and vice versa. Every good SEO company Melbourne already knows these tricks, so avoid low rankings by using these powerful ideas to prolong reader interest in your website:

Write Content That Encourages Thinking and Interaction from Readers

Your website content needs to encourage thinking and interaction from readers if you want them to stay on the pages for longer. The information needs to grab their attention so they keep looking for more through your pages. Consider the following tactics when creating interactive content:

  • Use a hook in your introduction to resonate well with your target readers
  • Engage readers with questions that warrant answers and thinking
  • Use words that speak to the reader in a conversational tone
  • Encourage participation from readers through short questionnaires
  • Write short and concise points to avoid wasting a reader’s time

When readers are stimulated with what you have to offer from a content perspective, they are more likely to think and be engaged – prolonging their visit to your website and helping you gain higher rankings in the long term.

Be Instant… Page Load Times Must Be Fast

In a digital age where everything is available in a miniscule instant, people have become spoiled for choice – and they want everything quickly. If you are unable to provide fast-loading web pages, chances are people will bounce off your website and look elsewhere for someone that will give them what they want. Consider some of these to improve page load times:

  • Optimise images for quicker downloads
  • Reduce response time for servers
  • Use VPS or dedicated sever hosting
  • Enable file compression to open faster
  • Allow for browser caching
  • Reduce HTTP requests

Once you’re able to rectify any mistakes with your page load times, you’ll automatically start to see some traction through increased and longer web traffic.

Stimulate the Visual Mind

The human brain tends to process and retain visual images much better than text. You can tap into this advantage by making sure you offer visual content to retain visitors longer on your website. Consider the following:

  • Use online videos to showcase your products and services
  • Create videos that engage actively with your target audience
  • Complement videos with infographics and podcasts for more visual stimulation
  • Make sure your visual content is not littered with too many ads and distracting links that cause people to leave your site

Internet browsers don’t have time to read lengthy explanations which is why videos and other visual content types allow them to consume information faster. You must find ways to use visual content to create compelling brand experiences in your bid to prolong a visitor’s time on your website.

Use Web Page Interlinking Strategically

The concept of interlinking can be extremely successful when done right for websites because people stay on for longer. It also allows people to easily move between different pages on your site so they can find exactly what they need without any difficulty. Consider the following:

  • Interlinking distributes ranking and page authority of every web page of your site so Google can index it more easily
  • Interlinking must be done naturally without affecting readability to improve page visits per visitor
  • Make sure interlinks open on new tabs so readers can finish reading the current page before moving to the next one
  • Use interlinks to help Google and other search engines understand your industry and crawl through your web pages more easily for better SEO rankings

Interlinking ultimately improves engagement with readers which is why it is such a vital strategy to reduce your website’s bounce rate.

At the end of the day, you don’t want visitors to leave your website without finding what they are looking for. This won’t bode well for your business or for your SEO rankings. Make sure you use these ideas to help you prolong visits to your website for higher search engine rankings and better engagement with visitors.