Have You Made the Switch to Artificial Turf in Sydney Yet?

With the NSW drought making water a rare (and pricey) indulgence, there’s never been a better time to swap your dried out, yellowing lawn for some gorgeous green artificial turf. It’s a great way to preserve our precious water supply, but it comes with a range of other benefits, too.


artificial grass


Some benefits of Artificial Turf:

It looks amazing

There’s nothing like the lushness of artificial turf Sydney. Whether it’s in your backyard, on the sports field or at the local park, it’s sure to catch your eye. It looks like the regular stuff only nicer; it’s more maintained, greener and thicker. Unlike regular lawns, artificial turf will look good in every season, meaning you can avoid the unattractive brown look you often get in winter.


Reduced carbon emissions

We all know that polluting the planet with greenhouse gases is bad. A real lawn requires maintenance; a lawnmower, a line trimmer – things which require gasoline to operate. Artificial turf bypasses this need, as well as the need for poisonous pesticides, and as a result is more planet (and health!) friendly.



It feels like the real deal (if not better!)

Sydney synthetic grass is made on a base of woven fibres and uses advanced blade technology to ensure each blade looks, feels and reacts like the real thing. It’s soft and spongey – perfect for lying on and getting a sun tan. The only difference between real and artificial turf is that the latter may get warmer in the sun.


It’s long-lasting

With an average lifespan of 20 years, you can be assured that your artificial lawn will be worth the money. Each blade is designed to resist UV rays to prevent fading and maintain its bright green colour. How often the lawn is used also affects how long it lasts; if you plan on being quite rough with it, you can choose a thicker product to increase its longevity.


It’s durable

The material used in the production of Sydney synthetic grass is strong and resistant to damage, wear and tear. It’s pliable and sturdy whilst still feeling like the real deal.


Saves you time and money

Think of how much time and money you’ll save not having to maintain your lawn (asides from the occasional raking). Artificial lawns remove the need for watering, weed-pulling and trimming, which means that you can spend more time doing what you love – and more time actually enjoying your lawn! Additionally, it may only take between 5-10 years for the initial investment to pay off.


It’s safe

The lack of pesticides, fertilisers and other chemicals on Sydney synthetic grass makes it a safe option for children and pets. It also doesn’t attract animals such as bees or spiders, and, of course, is a wonder for people with grass allergies. A good artificial lawn provider will ensure that their product is safe to use and is free from heavy metals.


It’s pretty easy to install

Whether you do it yourself or get someone to install it for you, placing Sydney synthetic grass is a relatively easy process. First, the existing lawn is removed and the space is filled with a layer of crusher dust, which is then compacted. The sheet of turf is then unrolled onto the ground and, if necessary, joined with tape and secured with pegs. Finally, sand is spread across the turf to protect and stabilise it.



There are so many reasons to consider buying an artificial lawn, whether it’s for the home or business. It may even offer more benefits than a real lawn!