How Automotive Shops Invest in a Portable Truck Tire Changer

From the manual hydraulics to the automated systems, automotive shops will want the very best when they invest in a portable truck tire changer.

These diverse assets help professionals to undertake their work safely and efficiently, leaving the customer satisfied with a tire that gets the job done on the road.

Some participants simply need a new system to keep up with the demand from their clientele while others are looking to lower their labour costs and ensure that they are not overextending their employees when the machine can undertake the heavy lifting.

This is an opportunity to look at the strategies that members use to pick out a model that is right for their operational needs.

Requesting Quotes for Financing

One of the major stumbling blocks that entities will face with the inclusion of a portable truck tire changer will be the price of doing business. So long as the asset can be calculated in the budget, then the search can truly begin. Participants are advised to scan the market extensively for branded options and see what kind of financial packages are on show. Depending on the length of warranty and added features thrown in, the asking price could extend in terms of long-term value.

Considering Tire Change Volume

Portable truck tire changer

An effective selection strategy that shop owners can use to pinpoint a portable truck tire changer is to consider the tire change volume. From small to medium and high, this is a strong indicator about what kind of utility will work best inside the facility. The level of innovation within this framework has been quite extensive in the past 10-15 years, so participants will need to think about their current volume and prospective numbers to avoid overworking a design inside a couple of years.

Considering Regulators, Filters & Lubricators

When automotive shops take a look at a prospective portable truck tire changer, they will want to narrow in on the logistical nature of the system and how it can be maintained for the long-term. The inclusion of a lubrication component will help the utility to avoid jarring and malfunctioning, assisting the production line and reducing any repair or replacement concerns. The same can be said for regulators and filters that stabilise the investment and help with specialists who need to keep up with their schedule.

Having a Real Time Demonstration

Business owners and managers in the automotive field are likely to be very hands-on with their work. Rather than reading an instruction manual or watching a video online about a portable truck tire changer, participants will receive a much better insight into the machine when they experience a real time demonstration for the asset. This is a critical step for those locations that need to educate and train staff members about an updated portable truck tire changer, even if they happen to have experience with an older model.

Warranty Inclusion & Customer Support Services

Even automotive contractors and businesses will need to know when they require extra support, especially from suppliers who guarantee the investment in the first place. Read up on the fine print and open a discussion with representatives about what they can guarantee. They might feel like small details at the time, yet it is an insurance measure that works in the interests of the shop.


There are a number of other components and criteria that will inform what kind of portable truck tire changer will work for an automotive brand. From the wheel protection guarantees to the degree of torque needed to engage the tires, the side shovel durability and the weight regulations for various tire designs, consumers need to do their due diligence in the market before settling on an option. Pay attention to these techniques before rushing to judgment on a new changer.