How Corporate Flu Jabs Help You Avoid Common Business Setbacks


Business setbacks are killers for managers and executives who bare the burden of poor results and lost opportunities.

They can arrive in all shapes and sizes over the span of an annual year and whilst there is always someone who can be attributed the blame, the important consideration to note is that there are proactive steps that can be taken to bypass these scenarios.

One of these steps is seen through getting corporate flu jabs, a means of bringing in a hired medical team to inject employees on schedule with the right vaccine to keep the public immunized and healthy.

This is an initiative that is smart practice and as we will discuss, offers a multitude of benefits to the enterprise.


Tackling Flu Season Head-On

The first major setback that is avoided when it comes to the topic of corporate flu jabs is that it allows business to take a proactive step during a very tenuous time. Every year there are millions of Australians who are at risk of being exposed to various strains of flu and by instigating a widespread immunization program is the only way to mitigate against this present risk. In much the same way as computer storage is backed into the cloud and virus scanners are used to ward off digital infections, this is a real life example that kills off the threat before it has a chance to spread and infect all departments.


Saving Costs

Escalating costs and lost revenue are subjects that organisations have to face every single day of operation. One false move here or one instance of oversight there can see the budget fall deeper into the red. With employees left ill and unavailable in the absence of corporate flu jabs, departments are left short staffed and that places undue pressures on professionals who are overstretched and under-resourced. Medical outlets that offer these programs do also offer bulked discounts and loyalty incentives, helping companies to manage their overheads and ensure that it is an exercise that makes sense financially.


Saving Time

The time that is calculated to book, conduct and report on corporate flu jabs will barely register for organisations that need to manage their hours diligently. Relying on individuals to visit their general practitioner and potentially take time out of their week can force certain professionals to seek a leave of absence, even if only for an afternoon. By synchronizing these immunisation efforts in one single location, the process is fast tracked for all participants.


Helpful for Brand Image

The topic of the “brand image” is one of those intangible qualities that could mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people. Corporate flu jabs as a practice is one of those cases where an organisation can communicate to the marketplace, investors and affiliates that the company cares about its workforce and wants to take steps to protect their health. It can also be a way of promoting healthy living to consumers who could be enticed to immunize themselves and their family before an outbreak occurs.


Exercising Quality Control

Banking on the alternative to see employees avoid corporate flu jabs and head to their own local doctor does not guarantee the best results. Who is to know what strain of flu they have been vaccinated with? This is a means of exercising quality control where managers can oversee the entire process from beginning to end.



Once domestic companies recognise the value in corporate flu jabs, they will realise that avoiding setbacks offers a marginal gain against competitors in the marketplace. Whilst they are relying on their workers to visit their general practitioner on their own time, local enterprises can immunise their assets against common threats that leave communities sick and absent from the workforce.