How to Deck Your Home Out Like a Designer

Feel like your living room is a bit bland? Or the bedroom dull? Your dining room non-existent? Perhaps you’ve found a space in your home to be non-inviting, and you keep saying you want to use it more but you just don’t.

If you’re asking these questions, it may be time for a good spring clean of the place, and to start afresh with a beautiful new interior that will make you fall in love with where you live. Anytime is a great time to redecorate your humble abode, and doing this like a pro is easier than you may think.

Let us show you some great ways to deck out your lounge room and more like a designer,  with examples from our personal favourites – classic and contemporary Italian, with furniture found in Sydney.


  1. Fresh paint

Join the many Australians looking for complete room redo’s. And you don’t always have to completely renovate for it to look and feel transformed. A great place to start is with a new coat of paint on the wall. This can be a simple uniform colour change to give the room a face lift, or you can mix it up. You may choose to invest in one dazzling feature wall, getting creative with colours and patterns.


  1. Rugs

Another great way to set the tone of the room, before you go crazy with new decor, is to find some great rugs to lay down. Play around with shapes, sizes, and colours. Rugs can quickly give your room a new structure and personality…

You may opt for a sprawling, fluffy Flokati rug to add comfort factor and really brighten up the space. You can use rugs to create harmony and flow. Or you may choose a few to create a subtle contrast and divide up a space – for example study desk for serious matters versus lounge where it’s all about kicking your feet up in style and comfort.


  1. New furnishings

The next step to transforming your lounge room (or chosen space) into a luxurious and cosy area, is to hunt for furnishings and other pieces to bring together and form a style to your taste, for example with a set of Italian furniture from Sydney. Do this with…

  • Lounges
  • Coffee, buffet, and side tables
  • Dining sets
  • Bookcases & shelves
  • Entertainment units
  • Ottomans
  • Lamps


In addition to being spoilt for choice with types of items, there are a number of different themes and furnishing styles to choose from. Some of our favourites are…

  • Italian furniture in Sydney
  • French Provincial
  • Modern Industrial
  • Hamptons


To give you some inspo, check out the classic antique Italian furniture that’s readily found in Sydney, such as…

leather sofa

This kind of Italian furniture can range from timeless to looking near new, depending on where you look in Sydney.

If your preference is to bring contemporary and on-trend home, don’t worry, there are still plentiful options of modern Italian furniture out there in Sydney to spoil you for choice (many of which can be viewed online or in-app from the comfort of your soon to be transformed living room). Some examples include…

  • Minimalist Italian furniture in Sydney – furnishings with solid colours, and no prints on curtains and covers. Beds, lounges, and larger items have one base colour with accents or shades to complement each other. Beds may not feature a headstand to retain simplicity.
  • Contemporary Italian furniture in Sydney – old-style iron beds can bring the true sense of this Mediterranean country to an otherwise bright modern bedroom. A white marble coffee can meet classics with in-the-now glamour.


  1. Decor and details

Once you’ve set the scene with your renewed walls, flooring, and Italian furniture in Sydney, it‘s time to find some ornaments, flowers and plants, paintings, and other home decor to complete your lounge room (or respective space). Again, there are a range of options out there from classic, to contemporary, to minimal, to vibrant, and more…

Fortunately, decor to complement your Italian furniture is not hard to find in Sydney. Simplicity, elegance, and cosiness are the way to go. For example, if you’re going for a rustic Tuscanny look, go for tones of yellow, cream, burnt terracotta and white in your accessories. Do your research for further recommendations if you aren’t sure. There are a number of great design resources out there.