How To Get An HR Internship

Hearing your friends and family drone on about the importance of HR internships shouldn’t undermine how beneficial they really are. In today’s working world there are countless number of fresh graduates with degrees and good grades. To really put you ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd you need firsthand experience in the industry and that’s where a HR internship steps in.

While a HR internship is very important it can be a very daunting task for a student or graduate to find one. To help you out on your career adventure we have put together a little guide to help you find a HR internship.


Start searching as soon as possible

If you are reading this guide chances are you have graduated or are close to it. HR internships are very competitive and from such you should start searching as soon as possible. It may take months for the selection process to be completed as well. This can be a real kicker for those who have graduated and are waiting to get into the workforce.

From such it is recommended that you start looking for one of these programs during your last year of study. This will allow you to undertake the program during your last semester and be ready to enter the workforce as soon as you graduate. If you have already graduated don’t feel too bad. There are still many tips for you to get ahead of the curve to help you snag a HR internship.


Understanding their importance

When the application process takes a long time and you haven’t heard back from several companies it is common to be discouraged about the overall experience. However you shouldn’t let this get you down, you need to keep pushing through this period and understand why they are so important. As we previously mentioned there are hundreds if not thousands of grads with all the same degrees and grades. When everything is the same employers look for something that is different.

Firsthand experience in the industry is definitely a stand out and will allow you to get opportunities that others will not. This is because you have already shown the initiate and drive to learn the industry before you try to enter the workforce. Employers won’t have to invest as much resources into your initial training period either which is always a selling point for them.


Refine your professional skills

There’s a true art to being able to fit into the working world and it doesn’t happen overnight. To truly be accepted into a company you need to present yourself in the proper manner while also knowing what employers are looking for. Below are some skills that we recommended sprucing up on;

Interview skills

A common mistake a lot of graduates and students make is winging their interview as everything is in their head. You need to practice interviews in order to present yourself in the manner that appeals to employers. Look up commonly asked questions as well as practicing your deliverance. Confidence is key in these situations so be sure to practice speaking.

Resume and cover letter writing

When you are applying for something your cover letter and resume are your first impression before anyone even meets you. From such it is important that you make sure that they are formatted correctly and are pleasing to the eye.

Additionally while not all applications call for a cover letter it is still beneficial to include one. They show the initiate and drive to show what you bring to the table and why you will be a good fit to the company.