The Different Types Of Hot Water Cylinders

When the winter rolls around you want to be sure that your hot water cylinder is good to go. Having your H2O at the right temperature makes it a lot easier to do your day to day chores such as washing the dishes or putting a load of washing on. At the end of the day you want to be able to relax with a nice shower as well. But if your hot water cylinder isn’t up to scratch you could be left out in the cold.

There are many different types of hot water cylinder which can make it a bit overwhelming when you decide to upgrade or replace a faulty unit. To help you out we have listed the main types you will find in New Zealand.


Mains pressure

You will find that the majority of homes in New Zealand will use a mains pressure system for their heated H2O needs. Generally they will also be from a stainless steel hot water cylinder as they offer many benefits over other models. The main benefit being that a lot of the new tap ware options that are coming out are only applicable for these systems.

Mains pressure systems are the most common as you won’t have to wait long for the shower to heat up as well as having a good pressure. The almost instantaneous heat coming from all of your taps is why many New Zealanders are choosing this system.


Low pressure

Growing prices for hot water cylinders has found that a more people are looking at getting low pressure systems. If you do the math you will most likely find that over half of your annual power bill is spent on your H2O heating system. Due to the high costs, many people would prefer the most cost effective option for their household.

Making the switch to a low pressure hot water cylinder will cut your energy and water bill down substantially which means more money in your pocket. These systems are also built to last which means you can take advantage of the savings for many years to come.


Gas heating

If you are a fan of instant heating then you will the idea of a gas heating system. These units provide many benefits including that instant heat that many people love as well as a great efficiency percent to heat your taps. Instant heat means that you aren’t wasting power on a large tank instead you get the H2O out when you need it.

The more south you go in New Zealand the more common gas systems are. That’s because the people from the colder regions don’t want to waiting around in their birthday suits waiting for the shower to hit that sweet temperature. Instead you want it instant to reduce the amount of time you are left out in the cold. Additionally these systems aren’t just more efficient that electric variants, they also cost less to run!


Solar range

If you really want to save some money for your household then you should look into the solar heating range. Imagine getting your energy free from the sun on a daily basis! It doesn’t take too long for these hot water cylinders to pay for themselves. On top of being cheap to run you’re also doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and look after the environment.

These models can be installed both inside and outside to match every homes’ needs and personal preferences.