What are the advantages of Microsoft cloud storage

Unless you are new to the tech space, the chances are that you have crossed paths with the words “Microsoft cloud storage” at one point or the other while scouting the internet. If you haven’t, you don’t have to beat yourself about it or lose sleep because you just found the answers to what cloud storage is and why cloud storage is on virtually everyone’s lips.

Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now store information on the cloud with thoughtful technology like Microsoft cloud storage. What that means is that you no longer have to carry heavy storage devices around. You can now store whatever information you want online and get access to it anytime and from wherever you are in the world. All you need is an internet connection, and you will have all your stored information at the tip of your fingers.

What is cloud storage?

We have mentioned Microsoft cloud storage a couple of times already, and by now, you should already have an idea where this discussion is headed. Having understood what cloud storage entails, which is storing your files online and syncing them with the copy you have on your laptop, phones and tablets, the only thing left is the name “Microsoft”.

Microsoft is a household name across the length and breadth of the world. If you know the name “Bill Gates”, the chances are that you know about his giant tech company — Microsoft. But this piece isn’t about the success stories of Microsoft, but its cloud storage solution.

While there are other companies out there offering cloud storage, Microsoft cloud storage tops the list with its famous Onedrive online storage platform. If you own a Microsoft device, then chances are you have a cloud storage account which gives you access to I terabyte online storage space via the Microsoft 365 subscription and up to 5GB space for free ( that is, without a subscription)

Microsoft cloud storage — what does Onedrive do?

Microsoft cloud storage

As mentioned earlier, Onedrive is Microsoft’s online storage platform, and you can use kg to store files on your computer and also sync with online. Top on the list of the benefits of using Onedrive is that access your information or files from as many other devices as possible — there’s no limitation on how many devices you can use to log into your cloud storage account.

What that means is you can access your files, including pictures/photos and documents, from anywhere. And since you can access those files from any device, you no longer have to worry if you forgot your phone or laptop at home while dashing to catch up with meetings. All you have to do is get any available device, connect to the internet and log into your Microsoft cloud storage account to access whatever files you want.

You won’t be wrong to think that Onedrive  (Microsoft’s cloud storage) is a backup for all your files and allows easy to remotely-stored information.

What are the advantages of Microsoft cloud storage?

In addition to providing easy access to files from anywhere, other advantages of Microsoft cloud storage include:

It saves you the cost of purchasing physical storage

Microsoft cloud storage makes it easy for users to quickly recover lost files. How? Unlike physical storage devices that can either get damaged or misplaced ( resulting in permanent loss of stored information), online storage allows you to backup files online — making several copies available online for retrieval.


Online storage like Microsoft cloud storage has robust and full-proof security architecture that are thoughtfully designed to protect your information and lock unauthorized parties out of your files.