When Clients Should Raise Concerns Over Family Law Firms in Sydney

The best family law firms in Sydney are positioned to care and advocate for a spouse that is amid a tense and emotionally fraught struggle.

This could incorporate a divorce, child custody fight, restraining order acquisition, division of assets and entitlements to other legal matters between a separated couple.

The good news for these individuals going through this devastating emotional experience is that there is plenty of representation at hand within the city limits.

There is nowhere else in Australia where a citizen could enjoy access to legal representation than the capital of NSW.

The problem occurs when the employees of the firm and their solicitors fall short of their duty, leaving the client guessing and stressing about what could occur.


Failing to Match Rhetoric With Action

It is clear for anyone who has consumed marketing material over the years that family law firms in Sydney don’t fail to promote their brand to the community. With clever slogans, clean materials and the brandishing of an image that offers guarantees to their clientele, the art of persuasion is all encompassing with these practitioners. If they do outline their skills and guarantees in writing, including result-driven agreements, then that is language that has to be used to uphold their end of the bargain. Australian consumers have every right to ensure they are not being sold a lie.


Don’t Have Requisite Experience

Family law firms in Sydney will cover a range of various topics that can be designated to case specialists. If a spouse has been assigned a solicitor whose skills lie in child custody but they are dealing with a restraining order matter, or if they have been designated an expert in asset acquisition when the case revolves around filing of divorce papers, then that cannot constitute experience that is applicable.


Poor Communication Skills

Communication is arguably the most important asset that family law firms in Sydney bring to the table. Their skillset is designed around persuading legal counsels and judges about the merits of their argument. If they cannot articulate what their position is and substantiate claims with evidence and coherent language, they are failing at their role. This applies to consultations and discussions that are protected by attorney-client privilege.


Unable to Mediate and Negotiate With Opposing Counsel

One of the core roles that family law firms in Sydney should have skills and expertise is arrives through the mediation and negotiation phase. A legal fight in a courtroom rarely takes place as the talks over new agreements and establishing terms and conditions becomes the priority. In this setting if a representative cannot come to the table and fails to find leverage or work in a constructive manner, they are no worth to anyone.


Lowering of Professional Standards

The final talking point surrounding family law firms in Sydney who are not upholding their end of the bargain is to be aware of any behaviour that lowers the bar for professional standards. This can incorporate a myriad of different examples, from poor attire and presentation to missing phone calls and appointments to being dismissive about a client’s needs or lacking any knowledge about the facts of a case. If there is evidence produced and a firm falls foul of their own rules, there can be grounds for disbarment.



It will require an investment on behalf of the client to hire family law firms in Sydney looking after the interests of themselves and potentially their children. With stakes as high as this, it is paramount that a spouse leaps upon any instance of unprofessional conduct or behaviour that warrants further scrutiny. These city-based operators have a responsibility to uphold and although there needs to be oversight by third parties, it is the client that needs to raise the concern and be confident of tackling the issue head-on.