Why Your Office Needs Busylights


Busylights are ingenious devices that allow your workplace to increase its productivity and efficiency immensely. The basic concept behind them is that in offices where people get up to talk to each other on a regular basis, there is some time wasted in which people are busy and must return to their desk. This lapse in concentration can severely affect their productivity levels with many studies claiming it can take up to 40 minutes to get back into the groove of things.

So that’s the basic idea behind them and now you’re probably thinking why you need them? To answer that we are going to provide you with this short little guide that will hopefully get your company on the busylight trend.


How do they work?

Before you start hearing why you need busylights I your office you should probably know how they work. These devices are built for convenience and from such are super easy to use and set up. To get them going all you have to do is simply download the appropriate software and then plug them in. The software should be able to sync your contacts along with your web based meeting platform to give off the correct colour.

They emit a certain colour depending on what your current availability is. If you are free to chat it will display green while if you are on a call it will display a solid red colour. You can even set it to an amber colour if you are busy or have simply stepped away from your desk.


Save time

The main reason why businesses are starting to implement these devices is that they save time. If you counted all of those lost minutes over a year you would find that you have essentially wasted a large chunk of money. Instead, these devices curt down on that cost and in turn will save you money in the long run. Think of them as an investment rather than just another office accessory. The money you save on having your workforce at their max efficiency and productivity will definitely outweigh the initial cost of the devices.


Never miss a call

Large offices run into the problem of having so much noise that it is hard to differentiate who is receiving a call. If one person’s Skype is ringing you more than likely see several people run over to check if it was theirs. If you install busylights you get the opportunity to set a custom noise and even the device will blink as well. This makes it so much easier to determine who is getting a call so several people don’t have to stop what they’re doing if they are away from their desk.


Adapt to the modern workplace

The business world is constantly changing and adapting and setting your business up to take advantage of that will definitely show in the long run. There seems to be a new web based meeting platform every other day which can take a while for people to get used to. With a busylight you can be certain that they are always updated to be compatible with the next big thing. This will get you ahead of your competition as you will be accustomed to the new technology while they are still figuring it out.

Additionally your clients will definitely appreciate your passion and commitment to productivity and efficiency. When they are walking through your office space for a meeting they will definitely be a conversation starter and could set your business relationship off on the right foot.